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Meredith Edmondson began working with glass in 2005, having first fallen in love with the material during a chance visit to the Appalachian Center for Craft, from which she later received her BFA in 2009.  While Edmondson’s work incorporates a variety of techniques, it is in the lost wax casting process that she is most prolific, transforming the state of objects often ephemeral, to that of permanence. Central to her work is the extraordinary ability of glass to look like what it is not; each object is as beautiful as it is deceptive, and the illusion is the craft.  Currently, Edmondson works out of her studio located in the heart of the Wedgewood Houston Arts District of Nashville,TN. In addition to her glass design work, she maintains a strong studio practice, and teaches as often as possible.


Meredith loves to talk about glass, so feel free to to call her at 615-476-3235 or email at with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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